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Coach Account

If you are a professional trainer with experience and its own view on the conduct of activities - welcome to our site! In order to work with us, you do not need to get up early and rush to work. Here you will be able to do his favorite thing, without leaving home.

Physical activity - is not just a set of exercises and a philosophy of life, which you can share with our service. Now you can help customers achieve success and ideal proportions of the figures here and now!

Bonuses for coach

By joining us, you will be able not only to improve their professional skills, but also to expand the range of customers.

In our "Fitness Service",  you can:

  • use the functionality of the base account;
  • find customers in our database;
  • create personalized exercise program to your customers;
  • adjust the load of clients by editing their personal training program.

Dialing within the site no more than 20 clients, you can keep track of their progress and adjust physical load. Using the services under "Training" you will create up to 50 different programs to meet different customer targets. Some of them may be directed to weight gain and development of muscle mass, others - to the "drying",  and the third - on successful loss and decrease in kilograms.

In addition, at your service - functional for the selection of an individual program of nutrition coach: using the site, you develop a balanced diet for themselves, count calories, and the composition of your food calendar.

Join our fitness movement. Together we can make the world a stronger, healthier and more beautiful!