The effectiveness of workout depends largely on the power of the athlete. It\'s so easy to burned calories at the gym dial during a hearty dinner. If you do strength training with a view to gain weight, proper nutrition can help to achieve results much faster. In addition to 100% flat out in the hall, you must have an adequate supply of energy, which we also get from food.

A balanced diet for ideal weight

The most difficult thing in sports nutrition - is observed. To the daily diet contains a balanced amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates, use our system. Spend no more than 30 minutes, you will make a personalized menu. For this:
  • create a new nutrition program;
  • add dishes for main meals and snacks;
  • set the calendar and set the time for each meal;
  • set the first day of the program and its duration.

Our system contains a large number of products and information on their energy value. In your diet you can add recipes available in the database. Daily program in detail informs about every meal: time, food and drinks. Moreover, you get detailed information about the recipes and they contain calories and proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Configure the diet by adding your own meals in the program! Do you want to be sure that the energy value of the food complies with the requirements of sports nutrition? Make your meal in the calendar of the program and be sure to specify the weight portions. Thus, the system is able to calculate its caloric and nutritional value. You do not want to spend the time to create a menu? Use ready-made versions of the programs.

Achieve visible results and stay healthy, using nutrition program!

How it working

1. Create a nutrition program

2. Add days and meals. You add dishes to meals. You indicate the weight of the dishes

3. Set the start and end dates of the program

4. You receive a compiled calendar of the meal program