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Nutritionists Account

Do you know what the dietology is, what food the body needs to feel healthy? Do you have professional achievements and experience in adjusting the diet? Then join our team of nutritionists "Fitness-Server" and get the possibility of earning more from staying at home.

To achieve the perfect body proportions without proper nutrition - impossible. That is why we invite you to a team of people who help users understand the fitness portal in azah healthy lifestyle. We need your knowledge of safe and useful food, its quantity and the use of standards in the training process.

Functional nutritionist: features and benefits

Working with us, you will expand the client base and receive additional professional practice with beginners and experienced athletes as well as people who aspire to a healthy lifestyle!

"Fitness-server" will give you the opportunity to:

  • use the functionality of the base account;
  • find customers in our database;
  • create individual nutrition program to your customers;
  • adjust the diet of your customers, editing their personal nutrition program.

The maximum number of clients you typed within the site - 20 people. You can create up to 50 individual nutrition programs, using functional server and guided professional experience. Direction and goals of each individual program may be varied: weight loss, muscle gain, weight or personal preferences of your client.

Bonus for our dietitians - the ability to use functional training for yourself: Pick your perfect set of exercises, and be engaged, guided by professional advice of our trainers!