Full Access

You are good at the right healthy eating, as well as own practical skills in the field of fitness and sport? Then welcome to the section Sharing!

Before you open all the possibilities to become a perfect trainer, dietitian and counselor for our customers! Your honed and effective training system, complete with clear instructions on nutrition, helps athletes and beginners find the desired shape.

Maximum capacity: functional sharing

Working in this direction, you can gain the maximum possible amount of total customer base to fully control the site and their results, thus increasing their own professionalism and narabatyvaya valuable experience.

Sharing allows you to:

  • use the functionality of the base account;
  • dial up to 50 clients from our database;
  • create personalized exercise program and nutrition to your customers;
  • regulate personal training program users choose individual load;
  • regulate personal nutrition program your clients to shape their diet.

As part of sharing, you can create 50 programs fitness workouts and 50 nutrition programs, covering all possible customer requests server. It can be male, female or general programs for different age and level of training. In addition, your individual recommendations can be directed to weight loss, muscle growth and definition, as well as weight gain or \"drying\".

Become part of the team, whose purpose - to show their clients the right path to the physical, emotional health, and beautiful body!